Bird Drawings


Ginger*:)* said...

I didn't leave a comment of each drawing or painting but I really enjoyed touring your whole blog. The images are delightful and your paintings are exceptional and inspiring. I will never look at a trout in the same way again.

Do you make your own flies?

I also enjoyed your other blogs and the video of the elephant with such artist talent.


Thanks for the nice words and encouragement. Ginger. I appreciated! : ) I really enjoy your art works! It always great and inspiring!! Yes, I do tie my own flies. It is as fun as fishing! Me and some of friends are really passionate in flyfishing, especially flyfishing for trout! They are truely "live gem" in mountains! The color just gorgeous in those trout! We used barbless hook and most of us do "catch and release" to protect the sensitive fisheries. : )