Last Post - Chum Bye

This is my last post of this year 2008. I have decided not to paint in the rest of the year. I will concentrate on another thing - writing. Thank you for the visit! See you next year! (For those people that I owe you paintings, I will finished them! : )) By the way, feel free to download any of paintings here, use them whatever you want... if you like it, it's yours! (Just noted the illustration is from this website)


Tom Chandler said...

Bummer! I really enjoyed the work. Keep in touch!

The Trout Underground

Jeff (trout bum) said...

I hope you continue to paint even if you do not post them to the blog. You will kick yourself if you put the brush down for a long period of time. I did it myself and regret that I did. Good luck with your future endeavors and keep in touch. I am going to miss your postings! I enjoyed seeing your unique vision!

Drawing Flies 365


Thanks for the kind words and encouragements! my friends. I appreciated! Just take some rest and hopefully I will bring something new back in the winter. Take care and keep in touch! : )


Mike Duddy said...

if your writings as good as your paintings - get it up on the net so we can enjoy it too.
Gives me another thing to look forwards to next year!

Ginger*:)* said...

Oh.. I think you may have the desire to paint at some point...don't deny yourself that pleasure and your paintings are wonderful. I will, however look forward to seeing your writing if you care to share it.


Thanks Mike, Ginger,

I will, hopefully I will come up some ideas, writing stories for kids. Take care! Mark

Dennis said...

Please say it isn't so! Your a talented dude so when you come off your hiatus I'm sure you'll let the creative juices flow. Many wild fish to you in the mean time!- Dennis


Thanks Dennis,

Catch some steeli! I will draw some steeli for you this winter! take care, Brother : )

haricot said...

I just discovered your site and your wonderful watercolors. I am just beginning to learn watercolor, and am greatly inspired by your beautiful fish.

What a shame that you are discontinuing your posts! Please change your mind.