Inspiration from a talented young man!

Thanks Eric and his son for the warm greeting illustration! Well done! I am excited and honored to display it on my office! Keep up the great work! Mark


Eric Robles said...

Hi Mark this is Eric Jr. if it's okay with you i would like a tip on what pencils or material I should use, and I also want to be a cook and I would like a good recipe that I could make for my family, and I heard that you like Hayao Miyazaki so I would recommend you watch Princess Mononoke, The Cats Return, and Howl's Moving Castle. Again thank you for the inspiration, and if you could do this for me I would be grateful.


Dear Eric Jr.

Nice to hear from you!! Great suggestion on the films! I have always been a big fan of Miyazaki's films!! I have several copies of their earlier works! But for some reasons, I have lost track of their new works. thanks for the reminder!! I will have to watch them all!

For the pencil work and material. I just use the common pencil and a sketch pad. To me, the joy of drawing is the spirit of "spontaneous". I actually don't follow any rule or principle... I just simply.... draw... I think over time you will discover what you like, what you don't like... regarding techniques... sorry, if this is too vague to you... but let the eyes to guide you... it is need some practices to let the eyes to see what it IS. instead of let your brain tell you what it is... i think if you do it very often, you will realize... seeing thing in it's pure form is very different experience than "viewing and imagine" thing. I think drawing is really a really fantastic way to enjoy the "seeing" process.

I love cooking too! Wow... that's wonderful to know you are thinking to cook for your family! I am impressed! Well... here is what my mom told me... "The freshest food need simplest cook". And this sentence really sum up my cooking style. As simple as possible! I like to taste the nature flavor of the food I cook. So, keep it fresh and keep it simply. That's what I like to do. I will try to choose the most fresh items and use a very simple way to cook it. For instance, I frequently pan fry shrimps by simply adding salts and garlic. That is one of my favorite dish!! : )