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A great way for searching children's book! Thank you Peige!

behind the scene

as you can tell, my studio "table" is pretty "big" I usually put a carpet on top of my table and I usually lay on top of the table when I paint, sometimes... : P The roomy work space will alway allow me to spread all the material around me, when I get tired, I just close my eyes and take a nap! I am currently working on those two pieces of trout. They still waiting for spots and need more detail work on it. OK, why post those half-done work? well... because sometime the ongoing work will end those pieces into trash can. And I would like to have some records for future reference. All the steps are good for learning. Also I would like to show friends how the work get progresses, those behind the scene photos are really attractive to me!

Kid Zone

You probably can tell that I am promoting "kids fishing" from my kid policy. The reason is very simple - all my childhood is full of those wonderful fishing experience. I just wish other kids can have chance to go out and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Sadly, I have not been able to illustrate the kid's art in those days... It's hard! Actually. I feel it is much difficult to see things like kids again. But I will try to do it more in the future... The art designated for kids. This logo is just a start, inspired by my friend, he actually done this with his 3 years old kid - Hadley. The one in the movie below... : )

Chum Salmon

Some quick wash to capture "the moldiness" of the chum salmon. Because of the intense decaying skin combine with some beautiful coloration, it all make chum project more challenging and more fun.

Madison Ghost

The madison brown trout have been sit like this on my floor for almost 1 month. I feel it is good for now... maybe I should just leave it like this as a ghost... as most trophies does to fisherman. Now... presents.

one more brownie

then I will go back to work on some native fish...

Winter is here...

Winter is here... it's about time to dust off my paintbrush...I did some quick watercolor wash on my sketch pad... I love the pigments roam free on the skinny paper... :o)

Last Post - Chum Bye

This is my last post of this year 2008. I have decided not to paint in the rest of the year. I will concentrate on another thing - writing. Thank you for the visit! See you next year! (For those people that I owe you paintings, I will finished them! : )) By the way, feel free to download any of paintings here, use them whatever you want... if you like it, it's yours! (Just noted the illustration is from this website)

Graphic design- unfinished

Fly tying material...

I love them too... the flight, the feather, the meat, and the spirit... all of them!

Sketch BT 102

processing some work (unfinished)

I start to illustrate native trout speices that I experienced in the past. either from a real catch or from a story telling from friends. Before I get into the deatil illustration process, I alway like to do some quick sketch. This give me some idea what is the special personality I am illustrating... try to capture "the feel"... here is some quick sketch of iwana (a native Japanese trout). I may finish them up later... : )

Pastel Fish - Cutthroat Trout 6x8 (Gone)

I like to try Pastel is because people say they are somehow similar to the oil painting... you can add a lot of layers on top of each other...maybe... I never done the oil, so I really don't know... So far it looks good in the realistic approach... I am thinking to use pastel do some more "wild" impressionism stuff... will see how things turn out... : )

Grayling sketch

a bit sloppy work...but I kind of start to feel grayling : ) will do a more detailed work later...

striper season is open! (Gone)

ATA - Brown Trout

ATA stand for "A Trout A day"? maybe... : P maybe "A week"...Anyway, I was testing drive this new paper while I was doing bird feeder watching this morning... The texture is a little bit "slippery" than the regular Canson drawing paper. But the 140 lb 's rigid watercolor really have it value, especially if I decide to wash in some color later... I would say... the test PASSED! I love it! : )

A Trout A Day, Healthy Stay!

Eurika! I have a new idea "A Trout A Day, Healthy Stay!" I am going to sketch a lot... of little trout...use the Arches Hot Press Watercolor paper. This will allow me to wash in some colors later if the feel is right. Or I can just leave it as pencil version... I am very excited about this new plan now :O)

Barn Owl Sketch

A very interesting and elegant bird that I really enjoy watching them. I am really surprise how little lines are enough to indicate the flight...

Steelhead Sketch

more sketch is needed...indeed