okinawa rail (gone)

Okinawa rail - one of the most beautiful rail in the world.Described in 1981, classified as "Natural Monument" in Japan. black face, white eye stripes and orange bill, what a elegant bird!

scoters (gift)

having a lot of fun to illustrate them... hope I will see all of them this winter! : )

after vacation

tanned and fresh! : )

drawings for kids (all gone)

some random drawings for several kids... happy birthday!

Donation to Japan Red Cross



Dear friends,

as you know Japan is suffering from the big earthquake disaster at this moment. has set up a donation pages for the Japan Red Cross. I am sure the little money we give have very little effect to the people in the deep trouble. However, as part of the international community, I sincerely believe those good will wishes (little donations) will act as a good will seed that encourage more people to stand up on their own feet from the trouble. If you can, check out this Google page.

Here I offer two of my current paintings for sale in 50% off price ($75 each, free shipping). All the sale money will donate to the Google pages. see photos. Email me if you are interested in buying them. markyuhina AT gmail Dot com. I am planning to paint more in the near future for the donation. Mark

abstract brown trout (gift)

a bit experimental... when Picasso come to a dream...