Woodblock Print

I am testing some woodblock print in fish... I am very excited to have this new set of carving tool!

Sketch Brown Trout

Young Rooster Sketch...Again

This fish worth million attempts... Doesn't it?! : P

Tarpon study#3

saltwater "speedy" doodle studies

Sketch Rooster Fish

The fin position is wrong, the draw is sloppy... but I think I am happy in the process of speedy sketch...

back to the drawing board

I am preparing myself for some big saltwater species... study and sketch some "sexy" elements is a fun process that I really enjoy...

Quick color study - Permit

When encounter the fish without too much color and pattern... it becomes more challenge and need more study to get it into right feel...

Young Rooster 9x12

Pike 15X20 Charcoal and Wash

Quick study of a bone fish

I want to do a large bone painting for a friend, this is a quick sketch study for color and position... it looks too dark... I might try a different approach...

Ivory-billed woodpecker

Feathers and flies are all in my love... all tie together into the flyfishing also : )