season 2010-2011

As the snow approaching New England, it is about time to organize the fly tying material and have the painting gear ready. I am excited, just like before any fishing trip, some Jazz, some red wine or even whiskey to light up the artsy atmosphere : )

submissions for kid's coloring book 2010

hi friends and families... here is the recent works for FISHY KID coloring book. It's a brand new here is some of my recent works for you to take a quick look... I have a lot of fun doing it and it's a great honor to me to be invited to do it again. One of the special feeling about fishing with kids, for me, was coming from my Uncle. My dear uncle L was the one brought me fishing when I was a kid and he did it many many times, even I felt he would rather spend more time with his gang...he probably feel annoyed to have me buzz around every afternoon. Every summer in my childhood was spent in the mountains, our families are all very "aquatic like", me and my brother was taught how to swim in the type 3 white water in a mountain creek (ok. not type 3, but at least type 2 @@). Even though, there is a rule about fishing and swim in the creek. The rule is we have to get a adult companion to be able to fish or swim. For some reason, uncle L is the only option, he is my only chance to fish the creek... although he is the one willing to bring me fishing, but, he has a RULE for it too... if we heard thunder, then NO FISHING... as you can tell, there is very high chance to have quick summer storm in the mountain area... I still remember the scene and scenario clearly, every morning it would start with a beautiful bluebird sky, then around 10 am you start to see some clouds emerged from the edge of the mountain ring... by noon (at the time I gather all the gears and dig all the worms out...)... a "KON", a angry voice from the thunder will just crash my day dream of fishing... although I did not get as much fishing as I was hoping, I did get to fish and learn a lot from my uncle...there is more stories to come...
By the way, feel free to download those pages and color it with your kids. Visit the FISHYKID website. LINK